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May 16, 2018 all-day
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Natural MED Therapies – Dr. Machelle Perkins

May 16, 2018



Tampa Bay Thermography will be at Natural MED Therapies, Dr. Machelle Perkins office on Wednesday, May 16th.  We have some openings available and I would love to meet you. Please call the office at 727-541-2211 and Rosa will get you on the schedule.


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Understanding Differences between Thermography & Mammograms


I’m June Drennon, owner of Tampa Bay Thermography and I will be offering thermography at Natural MED Therapies.


I have been certified as a Clinical Thermographer since 2008 and have operated a successful thermography business in Tennessee for about 10 years and owned a clinic in the wellness field for 15 years (with certifications in Colon Hydrotherapy and Electro-Lymphatic Drainage Therapy).


Working in the holistic field has been my passion and I am very excited to be the new owner of Tampa Bay Thermography. I am passionate about working with men and women who care about the state of their health and believe that prevention is better than detection. I truly enjoy helping people empower themselves so that they may be proactive and possess the health and well-being they desire.


I look forward to serving your thermography needs.



June Drennon, CCT

Certified Clinical Thermography 2008






Understanding Differences between Thermography & Mammograms


Mammograms image the structure of the breast and thermography images the physiology (i.e., an x-ray of your heart shows how big it is and where it is in your chest, whereas an EKG will show the function of the heart). Thermography “shows” the function of the breasts and how healthy they are.

Mammograms are after the fact; they can only see what is already there. They can identify a mass, if it is large enough, but cannot distinguish the difference between a benign lump and a cancerous tumor.


A tumor must be fed by blood vessels and that vascular formation starts many years before the tumor begins to grow. The vascular feed produces heat which can be seen with thermal imaging. This is an indication that either your body is preparing to produce a cancerous tumor or the mass that is present is most likely cancerous.


There is a large margin between healthy breasts and breast cancer and it’s helpful to know where you fall within that spectrum. There are many factors that can contribute to unhealthy breasts such as dense and fibrocystic breasts, calcifications, lymph congestion, inflammation, thyroid dysfunction, hormone imbalances and more, which can contribute to dis-ease and a possible unfavorable diagnosis down the road.


It’s important to know what’s happening so you can make positive changes to increase your breast health. Thermography is an excellent tool for you and your health care practitioner to help identify specific challenges and then monitor the results of the changes you make.


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