Barbara – Acupuncture Testimonial
““My Experience with Machelle Perkins as my Acupuncture Physician are as follows: I was diagnosed with torn cartiledge in my left knee and surgery was recommended. I chose acupuncture and herbal treatment as an alternative. The pain is gone and... Read More
Michael – Acupuncture Testimonial
““I have lived with tremendous back pain for 20 years. After two surgeries my back was no better and gave me no relief. When I was introduced to Machelle and acupuncture, my life changed forever. I no longer use pain... Read More
Robert – Acupuncture Testimonial
““After one acupuncture treatment the headache pain I’ve experienced for years was relieved faster than any medication I have used.””
Peggy – Acupuncture Testimonial
““…Machelle Perkins has changed my life. I suffered chronic head, jaw and neck pain for years, but through her treatments, I have become a new person. She is a dedicated physician, warm, caring, who works to keep body and mind... Read More
Ernie – Acupuncture Testimonial
““If you’re looking for an alternative to western medicine I highly recommend Machelle Perkins. She has helped me when the best medical doctors in the country couldn’t help. I suffered with Blepheural spasms for six years. Prior to my acupuncture... Read More
Peggy P. – Acupuncture Testimonial
“Dr. Machelle Perkins has been my health professional for the past several years. I have found her to be intelligent, knowledgable, and personable. Dr. Perkins has treated me with acupuncture for lower back pain, arthritis in my knees, various other... Read More
A. – St. Petersburg Mesotherapy Testimonial
“Despite working out and watching my weight, my “problem areas” around my thighs and rear never seemed to look really smooth and toned. I tried mesotherapy treatments with Dr. Perkins, and after just a few visits, my “problem areas” looked... Read More
Kara – Acupuncture Testimonial
“Met Machelle a year ago and started treatment with her. Until then, I had suffered from pain and swelling in my joints and an all over “flu-like” feeling for most of my life. Machelle started treating me with acupuncture, injections... Read More
Mary B – Acupuncture Testimonial
“Top in her field. Dr Perkins treats every patient with love and compassion.”
Eric – Acupuncture Testimonial
“I had been suffering chronic lower back pain for several years before I met Dr. Perkins. As any of you that have had lower back problems know, even simple things like driving can be excruciating. As I also play competitive... Read More
Jill – Acupuncture Testimonial
“Dr Perkins has helped me with so many health issues naturally, when traditional doctors could not. She has treated me for back pain, severely pulled muscles and sprains, balanced my hormones naturally which led to me becoming pregnant in less... Read More
Michael P. – Acupuncture Testimonial
“Originally, I went to see Dr. Perkins about my hypoglycemia condition. I have seen numerous doctors, physicians, and specialists that pale in comparison to the amount of effort and compassion Dr. Perkins has shown me. Her relentless pursuit to find... Read More